investment growth and tax payments

Hi all

I am thinking if possible 22seven include a system that tracks how well your investments are growing, either a overall figure of each investment or even down to each individual stock or fund you are invested in.

Also might be a bit technical but a tax calculator built in that you can enter in all your tax related info and it gives you a figure that will end up paying as the months go by. So if your income suddenly increases or decreases you can see the potential effect it will have on that dreaded sars payment every year☺



  • Hi Sven,

    Thanks for the suggestion! We are actually already looking at developing a tracking feature! This is something numerous customers have requested, so, naturally, we're trying to see how we can create something awesome.

    The tax calculator idea is a good one as well. Definitely useful. I will pass the idea on to our product team, so they can bounce it around.

    Thanks for the suggestions and, by all means, feel free to give us more :)

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  • Upvote. I would love to see an investment account section which would show me my %growth over all investments or another for % growth per account. Any news on this feature seeing that a year passed. 

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  • Hi Hermann,

    Unfortunately, I don't have any good news yet on this feature.

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