Manually enter in transactions *temporarily* before my accounts reflect


This issue is raised around two things - using my credit card, and spending cash.

Firstly, with my credit card, not all transactions reflect in the next day or two, there are 'authorisations' and things like that, sometimes a transaction only reflects as long as a week afterwards. Often by then, if I have shopped at four different places on a Saturday, by the time I categorise those a week later, I can't remember what I bought at each of the four places, especially if their name is some 'MC Holdings' instead of the 'South Coast Checkers' sign above their door. So would I be able to manually enter in a note to myself, at the moment I'm spending, to say what I spent where. This note only needs to last a week or two until the actual card transaction is reflected, at which time I can 'tick' the note as captured. It just helps me to categorise delayed transactions more easily.

The other thing is spending cash. When you withdraw, it is reflected, and I know you can split that money to reflect your transactions. However, it's takes a little time (especially on the app) and isn't easy to do as you're standing at the counter. Also, if you're using the last R100 you drew last week and R250 from the R300 you drew yesterday, do you have to do two splits? And find which historical withdrawal that R100 note actually belonged to? I woudl love to be abel to quickly and easily note how much I spent on what, and at a later stage, go and reconcile that properly with the splits.

So I'm not suggesting a fundamental change to the way 22seven records transactions, just an added functionality to 'jot down' transactions quickly and easily, and then a prompt to reconcile them properly within the next week or so.



  • Hi Roy,

    Thanks for your thoughts on these 2 matters. We are actually looking at ways of filling that gap between when a transaction is made and when it appears on your online banking profile. This is I will make sure that your suggestions on this matter are heard by our product team though!

    As for your concerns surrounding cash transactions, our service has not really focused that much on manually transacting cash because we are trying to take as much 'homework' as possible out of personal finance tracking. That being said, we've had a few suggestions from a number customers regarding cash transactions, so it is definitely something that we play around with in the near future.

    Once again, I appreciate the elaborate feedback. If you have any more suggestions for tweaks or enhancements, feel free to make your voice heard ;)

    Ciao for now.

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  • Thanks Adam, I'd really like to say how impressed I am with the 'Svens' engagement with their customers through this forum - I am far more prepared to plough my energy into making 22seven work for me, knowing that it is so well supported. Thanks for a great app!

    PS I think a little more publicity of 22seven would be great, because I went searching for an expense tracking app, that was on both iOS and Android, and pulled transactions from online banking... and found basically nothing! Admittedly, I searched the global web and got popular American suggestions. After settling for an app that only did 80% of what I wanted, I discovered 22seven last week for the first time after it was mentioned in a book - a book of all things! In today's age! So ja, I don't think 22seven is getting the exposure it deserves, it really is world class and very well designed, I'm very happy. (the only thing I'd like to tweak is the averaging and categorising algorithms, but I understand you need algorithms that cater for a wide variety of spending habits).

    Thanks again, I look forward to any added features in the future.

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  • Thanks so much for that great accolade Roy. I really does mean a lot to us. You've filled the Sven team with enthusiastic high fives and air guitar solos.

    We're really glad that you finally found 22seven :) There are many great things in the pipeline, so stay tuned.

    And feel free to share your thoughts and suggestion here anytime.

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  • The lag between spending the money and it reflecting in my account and therefore the app really bugs me. I have come to rely on the app heavily while budgeting but when some transactions take up to a week to reflect, it is immensely frustrating.
    Is there any way that you can access sms notifications and put that info into a "pending transactions" category? Then when they reflect in the account the are moved into the correct category?

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  • Sorry for the frustration Tara! Unfortunately, we're not able to access sms notifications :(

    We are however aware of the whole pending vs posted transaction issue. We're brainstorming ways in which we can make this less frustrating for our customers.

    We have some challenges though. Some banks display pending transactions, while others only display pending transaction totals. Some banks don't display pending transactions or amounts at all. We'd hate to be in a position where we have to tell you that because you bank with 'x', we can't display your pending transactions for you.

    We enjoy challenges though, so this is an problem that we're bouncing around quite a bit :)

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