HI guys,

what an amazebox idea yo! I would however like to ask:

  • when will more service links become available?
  • Is there a roadmap for some services already?
  • Can you link to profiles to show combined data? - e.g. my girlfriend and i both agree to share data (via secret secure sorcery that you develop) and we can see a merged data set showing us combined debt etc etc?
  • When on the Android App, and you are able to let it drill down, when in Money Hub, and click on "You Have" "You owe" You can borrow" to show you how much from each? - e.g. clicking on you can borrow, will show me XX Value can be borrowed from my bank thats listed and from that account/card?
  • some new space in the app where it can list your debts and allow you to add values that you would contribute to pay back on, and it can show you how long it will take to settle the debt?

Otherwise, Fan-freaking tastic guys :D



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  • Hi Kyle,

    Thanks for the great feedback! :D

    I'll try answer as best I can..

    • We're slowly but surely adding more providers all the time. I can't give away any secrets here, but stay tuned for more options and more awesomeness. Is there a specific provider you would like us to add?

    • There's no option to link 22seven accounts, though many customers either share one 22seven account with their partner, or authorise links to certain accounts on both profiles.

    • That's a pretty cool suggestion, I'll pass it on to the team.

    • And another great suggestion; we're taking notes!

    Thanks again for the feedback, and do keep it coming. Your input helps us make the service more awesome.

    All the best,

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