Opening balances on accounts and transaction linking

22seven is incredible. I realise you want to keep it very simple, requiring as little user intervention as possible. However, there are some things that can enhance the program for the user.

  1. Starting balances. As 22seven shows the closing balance it may as well show the opening balance at 1st March. This way the categorising of (transfer) transactions between accounts can be correctly done. Income and expense accounts start with no balances but the all the linked bank, bond or investment accounts do. It may simply be entered by the user if it is not picked up automatically.

  2. Loans and refunds etc. As there seems to be no real distinction between Income and Expenses except for the fact that the figure is negative or positive the categories keeps them separate. This applies when you loan someone money and they repay it in parts or in full or when you buy something and there is a part or full refund. It would be useful to enable the linking of two or more transactions to show a balance or net figure. The improvement will be that the refund does not show as an income. I understand that if this happens across two months it becomes problematic. Maybe there is a way.

Thanks for a great idea. I hope you go from strength to strength.




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  • Hi Brian

    Thanks for your call yesterday evening. It was great chatting to you. And thanks for sharing your ideas.
    You're right, our aim is to make 22seven as seamless as possible. In addition, accessing your information should be easy – if it starts to feel like homework most people simply stop doing it.

    That said, we'd like to design a service that works for everyone and give those that don't mind the extra 'homework' the ability to do so.

    I'll share your ideas with our Product Team. Please do get in touch if we can help with anything and if you have any more ideas.

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