Are there no other ways to view our history ? Can it not be customised at all.
There was an idea to look at a 6 months history - a good idea.

Also, I am always seeing categories popping up that I may have only used once or twice (I renovated my house and now it thinks I am always going to renovate the house :) Now these categories always "pop up" on the expected month spend as it has worked out an average and is expecting me to spend on that category again. Any suggestions here to make the reporting more flexible?



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  • Hi Simon

    We calculate your averages from your last three full money months. Once your past transactions in a category move out of this range, those categories shouldn't appear in your current Money Month view any more.

    We've designed Money Month to give you insight into the kind of money decisions you make. The decisions you currently make. That's why Money Month is focused on your current money month, with the ability to navigate to previous months for comparison.

    Have you played around with the date ranges in Transactions for a broader view of transactions across multiple months? Also, you can export whichever transactions you have filtered bottom left if you'd like to do your own comparisons in excel.

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