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I've just started using 22seven after seeing a review comparing it to My Financial Life.

I also would appreciate it if you could create a "saving for a goal" feature but more importantly I would like to be able to add my own debts, assets/investment eg. if I know I owe someone money or investing offshore for instance?

Also, how about custom accounts? I can add my Edgars account but not my Mr Price account...

Basically it comes down to adding accounts/obligations/assets if they are not listed on the 'Link account' page.



  • Hi Vera

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and feedback. And welcome on board. We hope you thoroughly enjoy the journey.

    Setting future goals is definitely on the road map as a future enhancement. While 22seven is mostly focussed on your current spend and giving you insight into the kind of money decisions you currently make, we plan to expand that view to show you how things might look in your money world in future, based on the decisions you make today. Goal setting is part of that eye on the future view :)

    Our intention is also for your 22seven journey to be as smooth and effortless as possible, to feel as little like homework. We'll always try our best to collect data for you automatically. That's why we're continually working on adding new service providers. Mr Price is one of them and coming soon. Others as well :-)

    That said, we realise that there are certain service providers that we might never be able to collect data from, so we're also considering developing the ability to manually add assets and liabilities in the form of simple account cards in future.

    It's great hearing from you. Please keep the suggestions coming :)

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  • Hi Vera, 

    You may be excited to know that we've been hard at work on a new feature called Goals, and release is right around the corner! We'd love for you to try it out and share your thoughts.

    If this is something you're keen on, please feel free to sign up for our early access Test Pilot group over at this link.

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