Duplicate accounts

I'm having a problem where an account is being imported twice, once as Account *1234 and again as Account xxxx1234 any idea how I can fix this or manually exclude one of them?



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  • Hi Carl

    Thanks for the question. The best way to get rid of the duplicate account is to delete it in your Money Hub. The one with the xxxx's in front should be the recently added one, and the best one to delete. It'll have the least amount of transaction history.

    Here's how: Log into your 22seven account and in your Money Hub, click on the account you'd like to delete. Hit the 'view transactions' option first to make sure this is the account you'd like to delete.

    Then simply choose the 'Delete' option. When asked if you'd like to keep or delete transactions, choose the delete transactions option, as you'll have a more comprehensive transaction history on the account originally added.

    Let us know if you need more help with this.

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