Reconciling Transactions as Checked

Hi There. Due to the "Awesome" feature that allows for automatic category assignment, I am battling with transactions that could have two different categories. Example, petrol bought from the garage and smokes from the shop. By the description, it usually categorises it as petrol and when I change the category, it starts to categorise it as General Purchases etc. Is it possible to have a feature where, once checked and categorised correctly, I can "Tick" as checked/reconciled so that I can know which transactions I have verified and which not. This also happens with transactions that are automatically Hidden and shouldn't necessarily be. Also, my wife also logs on to categorise her expenses, e.g.. clothes from Woolworth's as opposed to groceries and I then re categorise it when I log on.
I hope that the above is understandable.


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  • Hi Chris

    Thanks for getting in touch. I'm sure you've discovered this, but just in case you haven't, my suggestion would be to split those transactions and allocate the splits to the correct categories. It takes a bit of homework, but that way you can track your spending better. The same goes for ATM withdrawals. You can split transactions wherever you see them by clicking on them. Hovering your mouse over the bar on the transaction card allows you to split transactions in up to 5 portions.

    We're playing with the idea of highlighting all new transactions that come in after your accounts have refreshed as a future enhancement. That way, it will be easier to quickly check those new transactions once they've been collected. Does this answer your question?

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  • I second this question (only read it after I had posted my very similar one) - I see your response but it isn't quite what I (and I suspect Chris) am looking for. The system assigns it a category and we are asking that it would rather not if it is something we have multiple categories for. It is very difficult to know then which you have done and which 22seven has done and are incorrect. How does it decide what category to assign? Is it according to our own personal history of categories or by it's own intelligence using the name of the store & history including other users? It seems to decides that if it has wellness in the name it must be personal care even though I have recategorised it to groceries numerous times? It seems that only for things it really doesn't know and makes 'uncategorised' will it then learn my category and assign it going forward. Line items it feels it knows it doesn't seem to learn my new preference.

    Your highlighting of new transactions would be a GREAT help as then we'd know which we've already done and which still need to be done. When might this be coming?


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  • Hi Marian,

    Thanks for getting in touch with us and sharing your thoughts!

    As mentioned in my email reply to you, our system will automatically sort your transactions into categories based on its own internal logic. If there are any transactions its unsure of where to sort, they will remain Uncategorised.

    However, if you recategorise a transaction, this should override the system's internal logic. It should remember your selection and automatically place similar transactions in the same category. Please note, however, that the system uses the transaction description to determine which category it needs to place a transaction in, so if you shop at the same store, but each transaction has a significantly different descriptor, the system may be unable to automatically categorise those transactions.

    Unfortunately, there isn't a way to automatically leave specific transactions as Uncategorised. I will pass your suggestion on to the rest of our team, however, as I can understand how it would be handy ;)

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