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I've just signed up, linked my ABSA account, and can see the last 3 months' transactions which is great, but due to me using my card for all my purchases it's a bit of a mess. I'd prefer just to start clean for the month of October.

Is there any way that I can choose the date from when 22seven starts monitoring my statements?


(Reposted on behalf of customer, original post by Carel de Villiers 01 Oct 2013, at 08:16)



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  • Hi Carel

    Thanks for getting in touch and for the question. When you link your accounts for the first time, we'll automatically collect up to three months worth of transactions. That's kind of built into the plumbing, so there's no way we can limit transactions to only come in from a specific date.

    I have a suggestion though. If you go to your transactions screen, set a date range for all transactions up to 30 September. Once they're filtered, hit the top check box on the left, which will select them all. Then, choose 'Transfer' from the Spending Group dropdown and apply to selected. That way, all those transactions will be hidden from the totals on your Home Screen.

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