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Morning guys. I think I am a relatively well educated individual but I am having a little problem fully understanding the bars in the money month section of the app. What exactly does the greyed out area represent? I understand the coloured area is what i have spent, and as i understand the greyed out is supposed to represent my recent average but in many cases it does not make sense because i have not for example averaged R45.00 in bank charges (just an example). The explanation you have under a support page does not fully explain this, in what in my opinion, is the most important area of the app. can someone please give a detailed explanation?

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  • Hi Leonard

    Thanks for the question. The category bars in your Money Month work like this:

    Let's say you have an average of R45 in a category and you've only spent R25 in that money month, the first part of the bar represents what you've spent so far. The light grey part to the right represents what you can still spend on that category to take you up to your average or planned amount. In the example - R20.

    Let's say you've spent R60, part of the bar will be hashed out, meaning you've overspent on that category. The hashed out part represent the amount you've overspent on that category.

    Hope that answers your question?

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