Transactions web page breaks when search contains spaces

Transactions web page does not return matching records when the search query contains a space. This happens when editing the quick-search field and adding a space.


This also happens when trying to sort by some header after using the "show similar transactions" button from the "Transaction detail" pane.


For example, I can click the "show similar transactions" Transaction detail pane and get redirected to a page with the URL like: ( %20 is an encoded space). This page works, and shows transactions as expected.


However, as soon as I click a header to sort, OR edit the search input, then the search query is replaced with + instead of spaces, so the URL changes to: (note the %2B instead of %20), which breaks the filtering and zero records are shown.



  • Hi Pawel,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I'll let our devs know.

    Shout if we can help with anything else.

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  • Good Day, 
    I have been logging this issue the 11th June and there is still no progress.
    I have been told by your support that this has always been like that. And it has not.
    The search needs to be fixed as it make it tedious to lookup transactions 

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