Flexi Bond management
I absolutely love the website as well as the app, though being born in a time where I had a computer before anyone had cell phones I have a strong preference towards using the website.
Some background on my financial situation, I have a home loan for a rental property. With this home loan I have a Flexy bond in which I can deposit and withdraw money at any time. I get rental income and pay rates and taxes as well as a levy on this property as part of its operating costs. I see this property and the bond associated with it as an investment (not a good one, but that's besides the point). I also make monthly additional payments to settle my debt ASAP with the benefit of having it as an emergency fund as I have access to the funds at any time.

I don't have a nice way of keeping track of this investment without it getting mixed up in my personal finances. The additional payment aspect of it is tricky because when I transfer money to the account it is seen as debt repayment, but when I transfer it out of the account I essentially create debt again.

I think the best solution to this will be to add a seperate spend category, similar to the "Invest-save-repay" one, but where you can categorize additional payment toward debt setling as well as when one borrows from this account again.

Another problem is that money coming in can only be categorized as income or transfer which doesn't make sense for borrowed money.

Do you guys have any thoughts on this?



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  • I am wondering, would it not be best to have the loan as high as possible to be able to deduct the highest possible interest from your property for tax purposes? This would lower your profits right? The money you do put in May as well be placed elsewhere in the market or ETFs? Just questions

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