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Thank you for the addition of PayPal linkage. Bearing in mind that this is still in beta, I've got some minor feedback:

It seems like the 22seven algorithm can't tell when money being withdrawn from PayPal is actually a transfer to a local linked bank account.
You guys are probably on this, but PayPal sees the "seller" as FNB Withdraw, or Maybe this will help with identifying those transactions that are actually transfers to local bank accounts.



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  • Hi Kruger,

    Thanks for the feedback. We can definitely look at improving the logic of our data-collector here. As long as there is enough unique information in the transaction description, we can improve this going forward.

    However, for now, if you categorise your transactions, we should remember that category for you going forward provided that the transaction description remains the same.

    So, our categorisation engine will remember your choice for that transaction going forward.

    I hope that this helps in the meantime, but if you have any further feedback, please feel free to let us know.

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