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It might be a sign of the times, but I have Takealot transactions with a number of totally unrelated items of few hundred rands each.  So I split it manually into categories.  But then I use eBucks too for part of the payment!

Have you considered linking Takealot accounts and splitting them automatically?  And how to relate eBucks?




  • Hi Mercia,

    Thanks for the query and suggestion. As it stands now though, 22seven can only link internet banking & investment websites . There is no functionality in our system to link to retailers directly, except in instances they provide a credit facility or a rewards scheme with a direct rand value.

    We rely solely on the balance and transaction information your bank provides on your various assets and liabilities via your online  banking profiles. Unfortunately, we do not support transactions by rewards accounts either, but this is possibly something we could do going forward as eBucks can be used to purchase items.

    However, I am happy to pass on your thoughts on this to the rest of the product team. Thanks for taking the time to engage with us.

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  • Pick n Pay also has a transaction history for all your in-store purchases showing all the individual items you purchased (if you swiped your Smart Shopper card). Isn't that a valuable trove of consumer data waiting to be scraped/mined? Answer the question "how much do i actually spend on milk?" Imagine "Groceries" subcategories Dairy, Vegetables, Chocolate. 

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  • Hi There,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I agree it would be super useful to have those insights. However, while Pick n Pay may show that information on their website, most other retailers don’t. We’d need to develop an interface to display that information on our front end, but since it would only apply to Pick n Pay and a handful of other retailers, we believe we’d be better off tackling some of the (many) other features we have on our backlog that we can’t wait to share with you. That’s not to say we won’t look at doing this in future, though!

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