Avios & Kulula TravelBank

Hello - I have set up Kulula and all the passwords are correct and 22Seven can't access.  I've tried numerous times, including updating passwords and logins.

Avios - I've done exactly what is instructed but upon logging back into Avios there is no pop up message or instruction.  I don't have a PIN or user number to use as I don't know where to find this.  Tried contacting Avios too and they have no idea!!



  • Hi Zoe,

    Thanks for getting in touch with us. 22seven links directly to specific websites, so please make sure you are using the correct login credentials for the websites that we support.

    Kulula - https://www.kululaonlinebanking.com/

    Kulula TravelBank - https://travelbank.kulula.com/tbank161/user/login.html

    Avios - https://ib.absa.co.za/acob

    If you have any further questions here or run into any other issues trying to link these accounts, please feel free to send us an email at thesvens@22seven.com and we can contact you directly to troubleshoot further.

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  • Hi Zoe

    Thanks for getting in touch. I've taken a look and the error that I'm seeing is an incorrect username and/or password. Please log into 22seven and navigate to your Accounts page, click on the Kulula account, then select 'Change login details'. Please re-enter your Kulula login details. Click the "Show" button next to the password entry field to make absolutely sure you're entering the correct password. These are the same credentials that you would use when logging into the Kulula website.  If you have any further issues, then kindly send us a screenshot of your Kulula accounts summary page and I will be happy to get our Yodlee team to investigate further.  

    The error I see on the Avios account is that you need to view a promotion on their website in order to proceed on 22seven. We currently support Avios credit cards, not rewards accounts, as the latter have no monetary value. Could that perhaps be the problem?  Kindly email us to thesvens@22seven.com if you need any further support. 

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