Add notes to the planned amount on the Budget screen

Being able to add notes to the transactions was a great idea. What about expanding that to allow a notes field for the planned amount on the budget screen as well?

At the time of planning your monthly budget you would know how you got to a specific number but with time you may need a reminder on what transactions you were planning for that category in the month.

It happened to me this month where I set a specific value for the 'Home & Garden' category that must have made sense at the beginning of the month but now its not fully used up and I can't for the life of me recall what I missed. A notes field would go a long way towards helping here.




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  • Hi Gavin,

    Thanks for your feedback and the detailed suggestion for taking notes to the budget planning section too.

    I'm sharing this with the product team for consideration right away and I can see how useful this may be (as illustrated by your example).

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