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What would be really cool for me, is if I can include my gross salary and deductions somewhere in my budget. I have some deductions before my nett income reaches my bank account that I would also like to keep track of. They range from donations that I contribute via my company, medical aid (I'm not even sure what the amount is), Vitality contributions, bonuses, perhaps even tax etc.

A company probably won't allow a direct connection via linking an account, so perhaps an simple Excel template that I can complete and import to 22seven, or a screen where I can capture it on the website..?



  • Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks so much for sending through your suggestion. Greatly appreciated. 

    We're always looking for ways, and areas, that we can improve on. We're also constantly looking for new features which could bring higher value to customers. So I'll be sure to share your feedback with the rest of the team, so that we can add your voice to the discussion.

    Thanks again!

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  • This is a great idea ... in that it allows one to then have a true reflection of all income and all expenses include the dreaded PAYE tax, etc. (which could help for tax season).  It may need to be configured as a special type of transaction in which gross income, and then all deductibles are added, and this 'template' is then linked to the actual transaction, i.e. salary deposit into account. User can then specify the small changes in tax taken every month, etc.

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  • Hi Manish,

    Thanks so much for adding your feedback on this! I'll be sure to pass it on to our Product Design team!

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  • Just to put it out there again, this would be great!

    Any news on its progress Eric? 

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  • Hi Cameron,

    Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it.


    At this point in time, we do not have an update on this feature as we've been working on other features in the app. We'll be sure to make noise once this feature is launched.

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