Visualisation idea/request

Hi Svens


Something I find quite useful is the nudge about "So far you have spent x, by this time last month you'd spent y"

So would it be possible to do a visualisation showing this?

ie, a line graph with 1 series last month's accumulated spending vs time (or any selected previous month), and 2nd series being this month's?





  • Hi Steven,

    Thanks so much for sending through your suggestion! I'll be sure to pass it on to the rest of the team ;)

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  • I second this. Or even on the visualisation for the accounts just allow me to see see how much money I had and the date as I move my mouse down the visualisation. With the date axis so sparse it it really hard to tell where I was on a particular day in the month before.

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  • Hi Christopher :)

    Happy to let you know that this is on our roadmap, and will be coming soon to our Web app :) 

    There is no concrete ETA, but we'll be sure to make a lot of noise about it when the time comes.

    Thanks again!

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