Suggestions: Financial Advisor Access

For independent financial advisers, it would be awesome to be able to have a secondary login to their clients' 22seven portfolios so that they can track their financial progress.  You could charge advisors a platform fee for access.


Potential features:

  1. Direct advisor contact through the app (shared interactive sessions for remote client assistance! Helps a lot when travelling) 
  2. Charts, graphs, stats, alerts on client's performance
  3. etc..

Features not limited to advisors but still would be cool:

  1. Goal creation (buy a new car, go on holiday). The adviser could guide the person on how to get to the goal the quickest by helping track their spending. ie pay off credit card debt first.
  2. Retirement planning and tracking (tracking an early retirement goal perhaps using the 4% rule?
  3. Scenario planning going beyond next month's budget.  What if I add a new car, my income increases etc. How long will it take to pay off debt using a certain income, expenses and debt contributions?
  4. Asset allocation and portfolio breakdown: property, equity, bonds, cash, etc.

Other suggestions:

  1. Credit check integration.  Integrate with Transunion, Experian for the free yearly credit check and add reminders
  2. Allocate left over budget amounts to another category for this month. e.g. I spent R800 on groceries instead of R1000, so I can temporarily allocate the R200 to entertainment where I plan to overspend my budget
  3. Graphs for total income and total expenses, not just net value
  4. The ability to export all the above graphs to csv


  • Hi Chad,

    My fellow Sven Adam replied to your email over the weekend, but I just wanted to say thanks for the detailed suggestions here as well :)

    We'll definitely pass them on to our Product Team. Thanks again, and please keep those suggestions coming.

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  • Hi Andre

    Please could I also know what the team's view on the above request is?


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  • Hi Pierre,

    There is a lot of interest in 22seven for a "Financial Advisor Access" function at this stage, but nothing set in stone. We are looking at different opportunities and ways to include this in 22seven, so keep an eye out.

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  • Hi Chad & Pierre, 

    You may be excited to know that we've been hard at work on a new feature called Goals, and release is right around the corner! We'd love for you to try it out and share your thoughts.

    If this is something you're keen on, please feel free to sign up for our early access Test Pilot group over at this link.

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