Daydream for Debt

I love this App, it changed my life in 6 months

went from making it half way to the next month to know saving half my salary after all expenses are paid.

this problem maybe, can solve someone elses crisis.

Problem : i was "helping" friends and family

Solve : made them payback, stopped heloping, killed the infidels etc...

But: instead of reminding them on the Credit that was requested from me, it would have been nice to create a payback Plan generator 

so if say my mom needs R1000. till the date x/x /xx ? can i put that in figure in a my budget as a "loan Ticker" that would take the money out but keep a Daily reminder till say, my payday that would, not only :

1) remind me that say from day 1 if i was paid R100 per day for 10 days. it would be paid off

2) scared me by increasing as my ten days approaced its end , like your mom said by the 15th she would pay back R500, only 250 has been recouped or something

How many of us dream of our PS4 each month (big purchase) but as payday comes, we are put in a funk by family members who make a scene about how they are bad with money, do you feel guilty but still want to help out. DO you want to help out and still get paid back.

I want to get everyone i know on the App, so they can join me on the 2nd option. 



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  • Hi Rory,

    Firstly, thanks for the overwhelming kind feedback. It always heartwarming to hear of customers who have truly derived lasting benefit from the service we offer.

    As for your suggestion, I will be happy to pass this on to the product team. I can clearly see the benefit in such a feature, so hopefully we can use your thoughts here as a jumping-off point.

    If you do have any further thoughts or suggestions for us though, please do not hesitate to let us know!

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