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Having found out that my water bill is 7-8 times what my neighbours have been paying, clearly showing there is a problem with our meter, it would be great if you could try and benchmark expenses against similar income earners.  eg do you know that your water utility / electricity bill is 3 x what your neighbours / people with similar income are paying? or you are saving less than most people in your income are saving?  or being a bit cheeky - people in your income tend to donate Rx to charity?!

This would be great as a way of working as a warning factor for people who dont pay such close attention to these issues or just dont have a fair benchmark. 



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  • Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for sending through your suggestion!

    I'm not sure whether you've noticed, but we've actually already implemented many of these comparisons in our Nudges feature. You should receive Nudges that compare your saving and spending habits against other 22seven customers.

    Since we don't keep your address on file, we unfortunately aren't able to compare your spending with that of your neighbours at this point, but we do indeed already have the ability to compare your spending in certain categories with "similar" 22seven customers. I'll be sure to pass your comments re: your water bill/utilities on to our Nudges team for consideration!

    If you have any more ideas for Nudges, please send them through our way. Our Nudges team loves hearing feedback and ideas :)

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