Budgeting for Items with no Transactions

Hi there, 

I am wondering if I missing something, but I am looking to add a budgeting item for something I haven't had a transaction for yet. Will I only be able to allocate this cost once the transaction occurs?

For example, I know I will have a savings cost later in the month I want to budget for, but since I have not had a transaction for it yet, I can't seem to budget for it unless I allocate something else to that cost first, then adjust it back. Is this the only way to do it for now? 



  • Hi Tom,

    I'm happy to report that there is another way! Simply head to your Budget screen and select "Add a category" to set a budget for a category that doesn't have any transactions in it yet.

    If you're using our Android app you'll find this under the options menu (at the top right of the screen). On iOS you'll need to select one of the spending groups (Day-to-day etc.), then you'll notice the "Add a category" option at the top of the screen. And on our Web App, you should see a blue button near the top of the main Budget screen.

    I hope this helps. Shout if you have any other questions!

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  • Thanks Lydon - can't believe I missed that. I had just thought adding a category was adding your own category, not realising it was adding an additional budgeting item. D'oh!

    Thanks again. 

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