Car Valuations

Hi Test Pilots,

We’re keen to make manual accounts more powerful and interactive. Customers have requested this over the years in various forms, so we launched cryptocurrency accounts last year as a first stab. This was very well received, so we’re now moving on and looking at enhancing the experience of adding your vehicle to 22seven.

This new and improved process would allow you to:

  • Link your car as an asset to 22seven and get its current market value. This value will automatically update each month, so you have an idea of what your car is worth and how it fits into your net value.
  • Book an inspection to sell your vehicle through 22seven.
  • Request a car insurance quote through 22seven.
  • Get reminders about your vehicle license and driver’s license when they’re due to expire.
  • We’re also looking at doing some cool stuff like reminding you to renegotiate your insurance premium with your insurance provider if we notice your car’s value dips by a certain percentage.

Linking your car this way is of course entirely optional and the current way of linking your vehicle to 22seven and manually updating its balance will still be available.

Here’s a link to a prototype we’d like you to look over. It’s clickable and allows you to go through the whole journey. As usual, this is still a work in progress and may be subject to small, or big changes when released:

Please let us know your thoughts in this thread.



  • I must say, I am a fan of the work you are doing. Above and beyond the existing features my wishlist of features would be:
    • Adding a vehicle by scanning the License disk.
    • Being able to renew license disk through the app, and have it delivered at a reasonable cost.
    • Being able to view and pay for fines, and quite possibly negotiate them on our behalf.

  • I love this idea and hope you follow it up with home evaluations.

    Some improvements that I can think of are

    1. Link your vehicle finance to the estimated vehicle value so that you can see the net value of your vehicle after paying of the finance amount
    2. Following on from number 1, estimate the break even value from using the estimated value and outstanding finance amount 
    3. Request settlement value from the bank via the application



  • Absolutely love the idea you working on here! great work! apart from the comments above stating what should be added. I would like for you to add scan licence disc or number plate as mentioned in a previous comment (if possible),also is the car just based on book value or does options and 'rarity' of the car also play a factor? if not can this be an option too? keep up the good work guys!


    UPDATE: I agree with 'Captain Awesome Sauce' please don't start adding products/services to buy, keep it simple.

  • I've been doing this manually so it would be great to automate that and link it to realtime market value. I'd actually like to see a purchase date against the asset and have the asset value history reflects on my net value chart from that date. 

    Not so much for the new channels to sell us insurance products (seeing Old Mutual's influence creeping in more heavily). I think selling cars, license reminders and getting insurance quotes is a bit of a departure from the core reasons I use this app. 

  • The inclusion of the starting price and year of purchase to check the percentage of how much the car has depreciated in value would be a great :) 

  • Get reminders about your vehicle license and driver’s license when they’re due to expire. This would be of the most value to me. They tend to sneak up on me so reminders would be very useful.

  • Great work as usual by 22Seven.


    Reminders on the licences would great - especially if you could be reminded a month or two ahead of time for you start saving for that exception.

    Up to date value on your vehicle would be useful.

  • Awesome to be able to link the value of your car to the app - would be great if you could developed a system that takes into account the mileage of your car which will affect the valuation.

    The fact that 22/7 will remind you about your car license is AMAZING! Like others have said, if we could renew it through the app (even for a small additional fee) would be even better!

  • Hi Matthew,

    We're so glad to hear you're enjoying this new feature :)

    Mileage will only be taken into consideration if you book a vehicle inspection and would like to sell your car, as there are a bunch of other factors that affect your car's value too (colour, condition etc). However, using all of these possible variations, we do some work on our back end to work out the average vehicle value for a particular car model.

    Regarding your suggestion about car licenses: we'll definitely share that with the rest of the team. Thanks for sharing it!


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