Login problem

I’m trying to login to the mobile app but I get a response saying the app is too old and needs to be updated...but I have the latest version and there are no updates on the App Store, any idea what’s going on?



  • Hi Darren,

    Sorry about this! We released some major changes to the way 22seven works under the hood yesterday, so we had to automatically log out all customers and force them to update their Android and iOS apps to a new version.

    When you try to log in with an older version on iOS, a message should pop up asking you to update the app. However, it seems the link is directing customers to the iTunes Store on their phone instead of the App Store. The latest version hasn't pulled through to the iTunes Store yet, so it appears as if the app is up to date when there's actually an update available.

    When you have a second, would you mind manually opening the App Store on your iPhone and going to the Updates tab, then checking whether you're able to download an update for 22seven there? If so, you should have no trouble logging into 22seven once you've downloaded that version (2.10.1). Please let us know if you aren't able to, though :)

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  • I have the same problem, but even though I go straight to the app store there are no updates available

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