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Rewards accounts (e.g. Discovery Miles) don't have transactions. I assume this is because most websites only report on the current points balance and not a transaction history.

I feel like earning points/miles should be part of income (so I can track actual benefit from reward schemes). Similarly if I spend points/miles it's part of my expenses. I don't like that redeeming points online or in store doesn't show up on 22seven because it skews the report of what i'm actually consuming on average.

For Discovery Miles, the Discovery site does in fact show a transaction history e.g. "2018-01-15, Miles redeemed for Takealot, -1234" and a monthly "Miles accululated in a period". There's even a breakdown of base miles / multiplier miles.

For all other points accounts, is it possible to convert all the "changes in balance" to point transactions, e.g. if you check one day and i have 100 points, and then next day it's 150 points, I get a +50 "points accumulated". similarly if the next day the balance is 50, say "100 points redeemed".



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  • Hi Captain,

    Thanks for  your suggestion! I'll be sure to pass this through to our Product Team, :)

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