Let's talk Accounts

We've already made some big improvements to the Accounts screen in 22seven. But we're keen to make some more. Seeing all your money in one place should be easy, and inviting. So we'd like to hear your thoughts on what we've come up with so far.

Feel free to have a look through our work-in-progress prototype, which will give you an idea of where we want to go with the Accounts screen. Then leave your thoughts in this thread.

We're particularly keen on hearing your opinions on colour and the improved net value section. Remember that this design is still a work in progress and may change based on feedback. So please be honest!

(Pro tip: hold the Shift key when viewing the prototype to discover clickable sections)



  • Credit or loan values should be negative values

  • I love the suggested new look! Makes it easier and functional to see all your money in one place. Please implement it!

    However, separate the colors for the positive values and the negative values.

    I agree that "You owe" and "You have" should also have different colors and values of "You owe" should be negative

    Lastly, I don't understand the summation. If "You have" is bank+investments+credit then how come "You owe is R300K and not R250k? and If "You have" is just bank+investments=R200K why is it showing R250K

    In essence, "Credit" is under which category?

  • The account balances over time graph is a feature you must keep IF....

    I am still looking for a cross hair with changing values as you move the cross hair over an account balance over time. The graphs you had does not mean much if you can't see the value at a specific time. 

  • Looking great! Much slicker than the current UI.

    The only thing I think is slightly confusing is that the small down arrow under the "You owe" box is the same green as the "You have" arrow. It took me a while to figure out what the second box actually was because of this. If it was red, or a just a different colour to the "You have" arrow (like a rich purple) it would be much more clear at first glance.

    Could also be that the white arrow on that green circle is quite low contrast, so the arrows are slightly hard to read.

    My 2 ¢ :)

  • I must agree with Shiela above, the color variation for positive vs negative value balances should be different.

    Otherwise, great layout thus far.

  • Hi

    1. Not sure of the purpose of a new(?) "Bell" button, but I think Nudges belong there. IMHO, remove 'Nudges' button from the main ribbon. They are cool, but not to the extent to give them a separate button on Home screen.

    2. 'Owe amount' should be in different color, for sure. Maybe not a 'bright red' , but definitely something of a more alerting nature.

    3. I request a dark theme >:D

    4. Hope the chart/graph representation is still available?

    Otherwise, good job guys. Keep it up!

  • I LOVE the new networth view.


    1. That blue on the banner, I'm not sure if it's just my phone, but it looks very "window's paint" and ameteurish. I loved the original black banner (much sleeker and more professional looking) maybe try a "dark" theme as someone else suggested, then give customers a choice between the two?

    2. Please don't get rid of the networth graph! It's so motivating to see, even without scoring for scale.

    3. Please don't remove the option to choose which accounts will form part of the "net worth calculator". For instance, I don't consider my Emergency fund part of my networth, because that's money that I'll need to spend and access short term, so I don't want my calculations artificially inflated. I know it doesn't really matter (money is fungible) but that feature, although simple, is so useful.

    Great work guys.

  • I Like the new layout, especially seeing the categories along the bottom edge, rather than hidden in the menu. I think making the bottom row buttons a deeper contrast will highlight their presence. The higher contrast of the current theme is also more appealing. I find the new colours a bit anaemic. Please keep the display of graphs going, they are a good motivator to see what has happened over time.

    A note on the graphs... can some sort of cursor display the value of the line when checking back over time, particularly at month end?

  • I love it. Keep innovating!

  • Love the proposed new look

  • Looks great, like the layout, improving user friendliness is always good

  • looks good, kind of wondering what the bell means with the notifications

  • Love it. Looks great!

  • Looks good, but I don't see the timescaled graph. Is it going to be removed?

  • Jony Ive redesigns 22seven

  • Looks great. Perhaps the net value can be in a different colour, green for positive and red for negative. The white bold font doesn't really stand out from the rest of the text at the top of the screen.


  • Please Keep this up . Im tired of always having to use american software we need something local 

  • Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for your valuable feedback! We're taking all of your comments into consideration. Along with responses to the survey we sent out via email, they will help us decide what to prioritise during the course of early next year and guide our roadmap for 2019 as a whole (and beyond).

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