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the goals are create, however I would suggest that all of the goals have an option to select an open investment/deposit account for the monthly saving / funds to be transferred too. And that the investment/deposit account which is linked to our accounts or portfolio be able to have "sub-funds/sub-balances" which are linked to the goals. For example total balance in the deposit account is 50,000. Which is sub divided to my holiday goal of 20,000 balance, my unexpected events saving portion of 10,000 and the another 20,000 is my studying goal balance. And disclose this  sub divid under accounts so that all goals can earn more interest on a larger deposit balance but I am constantly aware of my holiday budget so that I don't overspend and effect my studying savings. 



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  • Hi Natasha,

    Thanks for your suggestion!

    The existing Goals feature works quite similarly to what you described above. Currently, when you create a goal, you'll have to select an investment account during that process. This investment account is what you'll contribute money into, which will adjust the completion percentage of your goal.

    You can have multiple goals tied to the same investment account, so you'll have your primary investment account with a total combined balance, followed by "sub-accounts" in the form of goals linked to that investment. You're able to view all of the goals tied to a particular investment account by visiting the Accounts tab and clicking on your investment account card, then scrolling down to the "Goals tracked on this account" section.

    In future, we plan to let you move money between goals that are linked to the same investment. We'll also let you track goals against accounts you have with other service providers (not just investments you've opened through 22seven).

    I hope this helps? Shout if you have any other questions, or if I've misunderstood your suggestion :)

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