Graph customisation

Hi guys.

The graph that is drawn for each account is one of the best things about 22seven. What about having this as a more interactive feature? Being able to zoom in, isolate certain time zones, a date and value at any given point on the graph by hovering the mouse pointer over it. That sort of thing. The graphs that are given on are a good reference. Also, if you could overlay other accounts on the graph so you can see what your current account looked like over your credit etc. 


Just a thought. Thanks for the great resource.



  • Hi Dave,

    Thanks so much for the suggestion. There is definitely a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the historical graphs. 

    I'll be passing your feedback on to our Product Design team as we're constantly evolving based on feedback.

    Thanks again!



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  • Being able to customize graphs would be a great feature

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  • Hi Wimpie,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We do have some improvements planned for our graphs in future. We don't have an ETA on this right now, but please keep an eye out :)

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