Pending Transactions

Would it be possible to include pending transactions in 22Seven as well? 

As an FNB customer, I can see a list of pending transactions against each accoun, but these are not visible in 22Seven. 

Unfortunately it is taking longer and longer for transactions to move from "pending" to finalised on the bank side, which means that "expenditure" vs. "budget"  is often inaccurate on 22Seven - this reduces the usefulness when out and about especially.

At the moment I'm having to check the total of a category, for example, groceries, on 22Seven and then manually add transactions that might be pending - this often means logging into both 227 and internet banking. 

This becomes even more frustrating when there are multiple transactions pending for a specific category.


Given that the pending transaction data is available on internet banking, is it not possible to include it in the daily transaction updates?





  • Hi Carla,

    Thanks for getting in touch. This is something that we would love to be able to support in the near future. There is no ETA at this point in time, but we are having discussions internally as to how to best implement this.

    Thanks again!

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  • This is the only reason why I may stop using the app and revert back to recording each transaction manually because at keastbthat way you know you have it all covered for budgeting purposes.

    Please expedite this feature if at all possible!

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  • Hi Rudi,

    Thanks for reaching out. We would love to implement this, but the challenge is that different banking institutions process these types of transactions differently. So the information isn’t always available, and when it is, it isn’t always reliable. As soon as we have gotten around this, we will be a lot closer to getting this implemented.

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  • This is my ONLY gripe with 22Seven. So close to being a perfect app. Its good for long term budgeting and expense tracking but not real-time budget availability because of it not displaying Pending transactions.

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  • Hi Storm,

    22seven has supported pending transactions for quite some time now. This is bank-specific, though. Please pop us an email on if you have any questions about the feature or to find out if your bank isn't supported. We're working on adding support for major banks we don't display pending transactions for yet.

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