Different budget cycles for every month

Good day,

It would be great to change the budget date based on when the main income is received on the account. For example if one gets monthly salary on the 25th and the 25th is on Sunday the wages will be deposited on Friday the 23rd. Which then reflects as a previous budget income on the 22seven app changes everything 🤷🏽‍♂️



  • Hi Zizi,

    Yes, this is something that has been requested before. We're trying to improve the budget in this regard to make it more dynamic.

    In order to get around the problem you are experiencing now, I'd highly recommend setting your Budget start date to a few days before you receive your salary.

    Personally, I set my budget start date to the 21st even though I would get paid any time between the 23rd and 25th. Budget cycle still remains the same each month, independent of when I receive income.

    Of course, this is entirely up to our customers. Some do not want to do this and we understand their concerns.

    I'll be happy to pass on your feedback to the product team.

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  • Hey Adam, ya thanks that works perfectly for me. 

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  • Hi Guillym,

    Good to hear! Happy to be able to help with the nuances of the app

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