Goals: Bugs

As with most beta tests, there will be a few critters in the mix and we'd like to know where they're hiding. Please leave a comment on any bugs you come across. We'd also like some feedback on the following:

  • Did you experience problems when selecting any tabs or links?
  • Did you receive any error messages?
  • Did the app crash at any time?


  • Official comment

    Thanks to everyone for spotting bugs for us! We're squashing them now.

  • 'View Tutorial' button does nothing in Web app.


    It works only once. If I navigate to another page and come back it works again only 1 time.



    Firefox 59.0.2 (64 bit)

  • Cannot delete a goal.

  • I'm using Chrome web app. On step 3, changing between taxable and tax free doesn't change any descriptions (not sure if it has to), but when selecting taxable and then go to step 4 and selecting bank account, it shows information with regards to tax free which is not applicable.

    Suggestion: option to populate some account information from accounts already on 22seven instead of retyping all account info.

  • WebApp: When setting up a goal on step4 (https://beta.22seven.com/app/goals/steps/step4), and I dont choose to do a debit order, the 'Next' button does nothing.  In tha background the api returns with HTTP 412, and in the response there are validation errors, see screenshot below.  These errors are not displayed on the page.

  • On my goal detail page the following displays:

    All the required info is already completed.



  • When adding a second goal I should not need to enter the same bank account details again that I supplied with the previous goal.

    I also chose a taxable account so the description below 'Which account' is irrelevant.

  • Edit Goal and Switch Fund buttons don't work.



    Firefox 59.0.2 (64 bit)



  • There's no back button on page 2 to go back to page 1, also no button in page 3 to go back to page 2. You can go back however by using the progress bar on top but i feel like a back button is more intuitive.

    URL: /app/goals/steps/step2


  • Goal time to go appears to be wrong for dates far in the future on Chrome (Version 68.0.3432.0 (Official Build) canary (64-bit)). See below which I'm fairly sure should be 15 years 8 months:

    Minor related issue displaying time to go for less than 1 year in the future where "months" unit is missing:

  • Hi Scrooge McDuck! Thanks again for the feedback! We are aware of that 'View tutorial' bug and it will be fixed soon. For the 'Edit goal' and 'Switch fund' buttons, you are only able to edit or switch a fund once the goal is active. 

  • Hi Josef! Unfortunately, the delete functionality is not available on Beta.

  • Hi Catz! The taxable/ tax-free page is a placeholder design. A new and improved design will be available on the next release. With regards to auto-populating an account on the billing screen, we will investigate why it is not working. 

  • Hi Ryan! Thanks for the feedback! With regard to the debit order toggle and the auto-populating an account on the billing screen, we will investigate why they both not working. 

  • Hi Motsi! We are currently working on adding the back buttons, it is part of the design for the next release. Thanks

  • if going back from step 5 to 4, pressing back again takes you to step 5.

  • Hi there

    I've got an existing investment through 22seven and tested the new goals feature (essentially investments rebranded).

    The goal activation/setting process triggers a FICA process, requiring my ID and residential documents. The problem is that my existing investment looks to be "frozen" now, requiring me to go to settings and submit new documents. Should this be part of the journey? I don't think it should. Surely you don't have to FICA old investments when opening up new ones?

  • Hi Izak,

    Sorry about that! You received that email in error as part of Goals testing. We'll make sure to change your FICA status back to what it should be within the next few days at most and reach out to you when it's sorted.

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