Weekly budget cycle (28 day cycle)

It would be great if 22seven could calculate budgets based on custom cycles, instead of only using calendar months.

For example, in our household we budget on cycles of 28 days instead of using normal calendar months. One year divides almost  exactly into 13 cycles of 28 day, giving you consistent time periods, and more predictable budget amounts. Instead of calculating the budget for the number of says in each month, you can calculate a single 28-day budget and keep repeating it.

We budget weekly, monthly, and annually. The weekly budget covers things we buy once a week (bread, milk, meat, etc). The monthly budget covers things we buy every four weeks (coffee, toothpaste, soap, etc). The annual budget includes things we buy a few times a year (washing powder, paper towels, car tires, etc). The entire budget is worked out at the start of the year, and calculated based on our total income and expenses for the year, so even though the budget cycle does not match our salary dates, the amount averages out over time.

Using a 28 day cycle has made budgeting a lot simpler.




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  • Hi Luke,

    Thanks so much for getting in touch, and for your suggestion. I think this would be a great addition indeed. We're currently looking at ways of improving our Budgeting feature, and I'll be happy to share your feedback with the rest of the team so that we can add your voice to the discussion.

    Thanks again!

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