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Good day,

Thank you very much for the 22seven website and app. The best thing since sliced bread!!!

I don't know if the following suggestion has been put forward already or has been implemented. I am always singing the praises of 22seven to my colleagues and how it could change how they budget their money. However the proof is in the pudding and therefore the next step is to show them how it works. Taking them through the blogs and reading material makes them lose interest very quickly. However by showing them snippets of my personal budget/ spending plan immediately catches their attention. Unfortunately, I then feel kind of violated as "the potential recruit" gets to know my personal financial affairs.

So my suggestion is, could we have a sample budget/spending plan on the website start up page? If possible an editable one so that "the veterans' can use this as a teaching tool and "the newbies" could play around with the sample data before they could take a plunge into the real thing.




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  • Good day Silas,

    Thanks so much for the kind words! Super fantastic to hear you're enjoying 22seven and wanting to spread the love.

    This is an awesome suggestion indeed. I'll definitely forward this on to our product design team. I think it would be a great feature to have! We're constantly evolving and looking for ways of improving and feedback like this is what makes that possible. 

    If you have any more feedback/suggestions/ideas please do keep them coming!

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