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Is there any plan to add support for


Also is it possible to create a seperate forum area called "Supported sites" or similar where we can log requests for new support, see what's in the pipeline to be supported and see what is currently supported?




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  • Hi Kidhar,

    Thanks for getting in touch about Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management (DB X-Trackers Online). You are able to link your DBX account on 22seven already.

    Please go to the 'Link an account' section and scroll down to the Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management logo and link the account from there. If you are struggling with linking the account you can always email us at thesvens@22seven.com and we'll get you up and running.

    I also really like the idea of setting up a 'Supported Sites' section where we can track any new requests, but the Svens are able to help you with any requests.

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