Refund showing as an "income"

Is there no way that say I buy clothes and then take it back that the amount that I get refunded can be subtracted from the "spend" category instead of it showing as an income?
Same with medical aid refunds for money paid to service providers. I would like to offset these against money already spend for an accurate record of the amount spend.



  • Hi Alana,

    Thanks for getting in touch with us! Since our service relies of data-aggregation, we display your transaction information as it appears on your online banking/investment profiles.

    In instances like these though, you can offset these refunds by making use of the Transfer spending group. Since these do not appear in your Spending Plan, mark the incoming refund as a Transfer.

    Then, go to the original transaction and create a split in the Transaction for the same amount as the refund. Mark this split as a Transfer as well.

    By doing this, you can prevent zero-sum transactions from clogging up your Spending Plan, but still retain an accuracy of your transaction history.

    I hope that this helps, but, if not, please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

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  • This is a bit clumsy...has this issue been improved at all? I see this post is a bit old?

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  • Hi Hugo,

    Thanks for reaching out. As it stands now, any credit transactions can only be classified as either Income or a Transfer. If your refund is not income, then the only available option is to mark it as a Transfer.

    Marking the refund transaction as a Transfer, and then marking the original expense transaction as a Transfer also will cancel each other each.

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