Platform stability? Accounts keep stop working..

So this month my FNB accounts have once again stopped working, this being the 3rd time this year that i've noticed it and it becoming annoying (i.e. where the account won't sync for more than 7 days, my worst outage was 2-3 months long :'( ).

So it begs the question.. where is the issue? is it on 22Seven's side or FNB. I just pray i don't have the same problem i had last time where they had to merge my data. One thing to remember is that the critical period for this application, peak processing, is between 23 to 3rd of the month due to payment cycles. So every time the application goes down during this period my annoyance level gets very high, early month not so much as i know what the plan is.. end of cycle/mid month slightly as I don't know how i am doing with budget i self impose.

So yah.. is there any plans to improve the problem with outages happening so frequently? Also.. when the app was paid for I don't recall major outages happening unless there were changes on formatting/portals. It seems to me that outages have become more frequent, well at least the ones affecting my data.



  • Hi Kashif,

    Thanks for getting in touch regarding these frustrations. We completely understand how customers can become disheartened with the service when there are persistent issues on their accounts.

    22seven's data-aggregation technology is as stable as it comes, but there are often issues with the site itself that can cause problems.

    FNB have recently updated the Terms and Conditions on their internet banking profile and customers are required to login to their primary-user/secondary-user profiles and accept these new Ts and Cs. Once you do this, the accounts should refresh again.

    However, if this doesn't happen (or if you have any other concerns or questions about the service), you are more than welcome to post again or send the Svens an email. Feel free to ask specifically for me, Adam, if you'd like a follow-up on the issue with your accounts.

    Again, our apologies for the frustration.

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  • So here's the issue I have with this.. based on your feedback you are aware of this issue with FNB account holders.. yet, a quick scan of my email account does not show this information being distributed.

    And so question that needs to be asked, for this case is why this information was not sent in an email to users who have FNB accounts linked. While it is a minor annoyance logging into the portal manually to click on the check boxes.. i'd rather have this info to action it than nothing until nag about it especially for something like this which affect the majority of the user base with FNB accounts.

    Just my 2c..

    PS. it's working now. Thanks

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  • Hi again Kashif,

    You raise a good point and this is why we display variable copy on your linked 22seven accounts based on the what is causing the error.

    However, we have been having issues with displaying the correct error on these account, thereby rendering the copy we use to guide customers to FNB effectively useless. Normally, customers will be explicitly told that there are new Ts and Cs on their service provider's website.

    We have picked up on this error though and will be taking steps to make sure the correct error and the appropriate customer action is displayed on your accounts.

    Our apologies for the inconvenience caused here. Should you want direct assistance from the Svens on any problems you may have on your accounts going forward, please feel free to email us at

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