A few suggestions


I would like to say thank you so much for a wonderful app/website.

I have 2 suggestions that I think would be very nice to have on 22seven:
Firstly, a tooltip/pop up that follows the mouse cursor when hovering over a line chart,
showing the exact value and date in relation to the pointer position on the chart.

Secondly, I really enjoy seeing all my different accounts on one page. It would be even better
if the accounts page could be arranged or grouped in to categories of accounts. For instance,
I would like to view all my retirement annuities together, credit cards, unit trusts, main bank account
and rewards cards all grouped separately on the same page. And perhaps the value of each category
can be displayed as well.

Thanks again!

Kind Regards



  • Hi Marco,

    Thanks so much for the accolade and the awesome suggestions. We really value our customer feedback, so I'll definitely share your thought with our product team!

    Please keep the suggestions coming :)

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  • HI Marco,

    Know this is a bit old but on your second suggestion I did the following which sort of grouped them together.
    I give each a account a prefix then a number and then the account name to group them together. For instance all my investing accounts start with a Invest - account 1, then Invest account. The same with RA 1, 2 etc.

    Just make the page look better if the accounts are sorted.

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