Turning my 22Seven data into "accounting books"

Hi there

I'm keen to use my 22Seven transactional data into "accounting books" - how would I do this?

I just need a way to export a 'report' of money spent per category over a certain period (like my financial year), so that I can prepare my tax submissions from the data.

I'm thinking maybe there's a way to turn an exported CSV into books? Or into a simple accounting service (that's hopefully free, or nearly free)?

Alternatively, is it possible to get this kind of report from 22Seven?



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  • Hi Marcel,

    Thanks for getting in touch. We don't currently have accounting type reports in 22seven, but you can export your raw transactional data into a CSV file from your Transactions screen on the web app, where you'll see a "Export All" option top right.

    You can also export transactions for specific periods by doing an advanced search, then selecting all transactions and exporting from there.

    Once you have your CSV export, you can upload it into most accounting software packages :)

    Please let me know if that answers your question?

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