Addition of a "Household Account"

It would be really useful to have a Family "Household Account", with sub-profiles for members of the family.

I.e. Currently, under my profile, I have my bank accounts, as well as my wife's bank accounts setup. This presents a problem when viewing the Money Month infographics, as you are only able to view the collective data in it's entirety, when it would be really useful to be able to include or exclude certain accounts and/or profiles to help narrow down who spent what.

While I understand that going to 'Transactions' and then selecting or deselecting the accounts you wish to view, serves to illustrate transaction history, it's simply a list of transactions, with no total, and none of the graphical features of the Money Month.

So having two profiles within a household account, or at the very least, the ability to exclude certain accounts from the Money Month view, would be most beneficial.



  • Hi Andrew,

    I hopefully answered the queries listed above, in your email, when replying to your mail. Please shout if you have any further queries.

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  • I agree with Andrew. Please post your answer to Andrew below so that we can all see it.

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