What is the intended difference between recurring payments and day-today payments?

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What is the philosophical intention between having recurring payments and day-today payments? And does you auto-categorization try to distinguish between the two or does it default to day-to-day if it's unknown?

* I fill up the car about 5 times a month. The amounts are arbitrary. I consider these as Recurring because these payments are very regular and I aim to keep under a total of R2500 so they're planned too. But then again, they could also be seen as day to day (not quite daily but frequent enough). Trouble is, I've been I fill up at all sorts of places and so I have transactions that are unrecognised by your system. These transactions are almost always correctly identified as "Fuel and transport" but sometimes appear in D2D, sometimes in Recurring which is frustrating because they're split up between the two and I then need to move them all into one or the other to make sure I'm under the R2500 plan.

  • I make a monthly payment of a fixed amount of R500 for a contract. This sounds to me like Recurring. Your system can easily categorise this.

  • I regularly make groceries payments or arb amounts. This sounds like D2D

I'm guessing that your system defaults to D2D if it doesn't recognise the transaction. In that case I'd make my decision based on how easily the system can categorise: If the payment is of the same amount each month and the description is the same then make it Recurring because the system will be able to categorise this easily. If the amount and description of the payment varies, make it Day to Day.



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  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the run-through on how you'd approach categorising spending groups. Everyone has their own way of looking at things; getting insight into this helps us understand 22seven users better.

    The way we see Recurring spending is as follows: it is a known, fixed expense that happen every month. This could be rent, insurance, or even card repayments.

    While filling petrol is something that happens every month, it's a purchase that's dependant on consumption. If you'd like, you can classify this as a recurring expense. Our system is pretty smart but often needs a bit of help. If you re-categorise a transaction it should remember this for future, similar transactions.

    So while there a few guidelines, it's best to use 22seven in a way that makes sense to you.

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