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Your app is great and has truly helped me save a lot of money, which I probably would not have without 22seven. One feature I would very much like to see is an option to add Sub-Categories and / or Tags. This will help a lot with my type of savings and budgeting system.



  • Hi Bernd,
    I'm glad to hear that 22seven has been working for you!
    I've passed on your suggestion to our product team. To help us make things as awesome as possible, could you perhaps elaborate on how you would use these tags or sub-categories?

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  • I completely agree with this.

    For instance: Motor vehicles -
    sub - Fuel;
    sub - licences;
    sub - maintenance

    Also: I run a category for all my business expenses and it would be great to show subsections under this to help with my annual tax returs:
    eg -- Category : Business
    Sub - client entertainment
    sub - travel and accommodation etc etc

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  • Please see my post under Money Discussions for more info on what I would mainly like to use it for. Another reason is that I like the simplicity of the major categories in 22seven, sometimes I want to track a specific expense, event or sub category without creating new categories for each if these and I still want to these expenses to fall into the current maim category.

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  • Hi Simon,
    Thanks for that! That makes sense and sounds very useful; I've passed on the suggestion.

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  • I agree with Bernd, sub-categories will help immensely as this will give your users more of a visual to track spending i.e. personally I would love to split my bank fees between the various institutions without having to filter account by account. Just to get a comparative view between the bank fees per account. The only other alternative is to create a category per area I would have preferred sub-categories, but then money month just get's too bulky and loses its appeal with too many categories. The bank fees is just an example, there are several areas I can use tags or sub-categories.

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  • Any further development on this?

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  • Just wondering if anything has been done since initial request in 2014? 

    Tags is essential to take your app to the next level.

    Another example is with Divorced parents.

    I need to know how much I'm spending on the kids to do my bit in ensuring they live their best lives.

    So I wold need:

    Day to Day


    Tag as: "Shared Expense"


    Another example is Recurring Payments which I would like to breakdown further:

    Recurring Payment


    Tag as : Debit order (this is slightly different to a Scheduled Payment which I could stop or reduce, in order to save money). 

    It would make a huge difference to money management - many thanks

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  • Hi Jason,

    Thanks for getting in touch and for your follow up too.

    To add a tag to transactions, you can click on the transaction, then select the 'Notes' option. You can then add your tag. Tags that you add in Notes are searchable on the Transaction page.

    I hope this helps! Keep living your best lives :-)

    All the best,

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