Be able select accounts to show in the "Money Month" view (just like we can currently do in the "Money Hub" view)

Recently you added an option to select the accounts shown in "Money Hub". I'd find it really useful to be able to do the same for "Money Month".

Why? Because many of the categories are made up from transactions originating from multiple accounts and It's very hard to see how a category is impacted by a particular account. I share one of the accounts with someone else so it's important to be able to distinguish how I (or they) made an impact to a category.



  • Hi Mark

    Great Idea. I'll definitely share it with the Product team.
    You can do some analysis in your Transactions screen by viewing transactions for one account only and then filtering your results by entering the category, spending group or amounts in the search field top right.

    Keep the ideas coming. We love hearing them!

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  • I completely agree.

    The more accounts you have the more confusing it all becomes, and viewing separate transactions in the 'Transactions' section doesn't really help.

    The usefulness lies in the MoneyMonth view of infographics, not a list of transactions as Andre' has suggested as a temp solution.

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