Anything new and exciting coming to 22Seven any time soon?


Was just wondering if there is anything new and exciting in the pipeline for 22Seven? I note tones of suggestions - some people asking for the same thing over and over, just worded differently (like the request to customize the average spend period, or the desperate pleas to have the "circles" back) all of which have been referred to the developers, but besides for adding new account types (no mean feat!), it looks like all's gone quiet at 22Seven.

Anything on the horizon you can share with us?



  • Hi Dale

    Thanks for the questions. It may seem that we've gone somewhat quiet, but there is much activity behind the scenes. We're about to move away from our Flash site onto an HTML5 web app completely. We're really excited about this is and can't wait to share it with you. The HTML5 has some new features that I can share, like the ability to rename accounts. Also, there are some new exciting features that we'd like to keep as a surprise :)

    We've taken a mobile first approach with the HTML5, which means you can access the app on your PC, Mac and laptop, but it'll also work on mobile browsers, tablets and phablets. We're really excited about that.

    I can't share more unfortunately, but some awesome things are in the works.

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  • Awesome! Really looking forward to the changes and new features ... especially full functionality on tablets! :-)

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  • We're excited too Dale :)

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