How about a "Money Month" filter on the transactions screen?

Hi Guys -

Been fooling around with the App for a few months and then finally signed up and ben using it for two months now. Brilliant!! Don't know how you can offer this so cheap - I would be willing to pay much more for it (don't get any ideas - just saying) Hope you guys are going to make a lot more of it ...

  1. How about adding a "Money Month" filter on the Transactions screen in addition to the current filter. This will make it easier to view all transactions for a specific month (or the current month to date) without having to set the filter every time?
  2. Would also be nice to have a Nett balance displaying on the Money Month Screens - displaying the Nett amount between Money In and Money out - will help to keep track of the Nett balance during a specific month without having to do the calculation.

This is great.




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  • Hey Ian

    Thanks so much for the awesome feedback. Glad you're enjoying the service thoroughly. And yes, we're definitely planning to make the app even better .

    We're hard and fast at work redesigning the app in HTML5 and welcome all feedback. I will most definitely pass your suggestions to the product team. Please keep them coming :)

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