Money "month" over an extended period?

hallo 22seven,

I'd like to have the same concept of the money month, but over an extended period, ie a money quarter or money year.

The thinking is that income may vary from month to month (bonuses, commission, cashbacks, medical fund claims, etc), so that expenses in one month could be covered by income from a previous or later month.

Let me know what you think.




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  • Hi Corne

    Thanks for the idea. Our intention is to help you do more with the money you have. One of the ways we help you do this is by giving you insight into how you make your money decisions.

    We believe the best way to find more money is by focusing on your spending behaviour right now. That's why we designed the money month as it is right now. But you're right, the view over longer periods could definitely help with insights. I'll pass your suggestion to our Product Team.

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