Fin Planning with repayment priorities


Please also retrieve the % interest rate per account and create a recommended plan on repayments based on snowball.

Example: If I have 4 accounts (Credit Card, Overdraft, Home Loan, Normal Loan) all with a different interest rate, it should recommend which account I pay off first and also be able to estimate the repayment date of all my accounts based on historical spend.

So, options would be to pay off highest interest rate first, lowest balance first, etc but, you'd be able to calculate the savings going each route and you can recommend the optimal way to pay off your accounts.


Christopher Cousens

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  • I agree.
    It would be awesome to know which of your debts to pay off first and the have the most impact.

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  • Hi Christopher

    Thanks for the great suggestions. You must be reading our minds. This is definitely the kind of analysis we'd like to develop in future. Currently, 22seven is mostly focused on your behaviour around your current spend. Good money decisions you make today impacts your money world tomorrow, so we'd like to show your that as accurately as possible, in future.

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