Summary report view (last 6 months for ad-hoc, recurring and income summary totals)

It would be great, if we could view on one page, the last 6 months of our ad-hoc, recurring and income summary totals). In a tabular form it might look like this:

Columns: Month-n; Ad-hoc; Recurring; Income
where n is from 0 (Current) to 6

If there was some graphical way to view it (i.e.: a line or bar graph), that would be very useful to see if one is managing to reduce the recurring expenses or ad-hoc expenses.

What would be even more powerful would be to view it as a stacked area graph so one can see over a period of time, what spend/ budget item is contributing the most over a 6 month period.

(Reposted on behalf of customer, original post by Pradeep Roy 15 Sep 2013, at 18:23)



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  • Hi Pradeep

    We're always working towards giving you as many views and insights into your money world as possible, so thanks for the suggestions. I will pass this onto our Product Team. Keep the suggestions coming :)

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