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I see the average amounts spent on the right hand side, is that only for the last 3 months? Why did you guys choose only 3 months, is it because we first use 22 Seven we only have 3 months history? Should not once I have a years history be added up my monthly amounts and working out my average for 12 months and editing that figure. Is there not a option area, that allows you just to change how many months you want to use to calculate the averages.

(Reposted on behalf of customer, original post by Ralph Speirs 16 Nov 2013, at 01:45)



  • Hi Ralph

    Yes, that's right. Your average per category is calculated from the last three month spend in that category. It's partly due to the fact that when you first link your accounts, we collect three months worth of transactions.

    22seven is all about behaviour change - changing or trying to beat your most recent behaviour. If your spending decreases, you'll also see a faster change in your averages if it's worked out over a shorter period.

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  • Agreed, an option for users to choose their own period for average calculations would be most welcomed.

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