Setting up a joint budget

New user and very very impressed. So useful and excellent interface!

I would like to add my spouse's account to see holistic view of family expenses. One way is exporting to Excel and adding it manually or merging from two 22SEVEN accounts, or is there a way to add an additional user account to my existing account?

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  • Hi Stephanie

    Welcome to 22seven. I'm glad you're enjoying it so far =)

    You could add your spouse's bank account to the same 22seven account as yours and then see all of your finances in one place. Essentially sharing a 22seven account.

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  • Hi

    My wife and I have two separate 22seven accounts from before our marriage. Going forward I know we can just add her bank accounts to my 22seven profile, but is there a way to merge our transaction history into a single 22seven account?

    Kind regards

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  • Hi Malan,

    Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, it's not possible to merge transactions from one 22seven profile to another. In this case, we will gather up to 3 months worth of historical transactions when you link your wife's accounts to your profile (or vice-versa), then keep all transactions on file as you transact going forward.

    Sorry, I don't have better news here, but please shout if you have any other questions. 

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