How do I handle cash transactions?

Is there any way to add cash transactions? For example, if I withdrew R2000 and know that I spent it on groceries, I'd like to be able to add it as an expense and assign it a category of Groceries.

(Reposted on behalf of customer, original post by Bessie Margolis 23 Jul 2013, at 15:17)



  • Hi Bessie

    Thanks for getting in touch. If that cash transaction is on one of your linked accounts, then just assign it to the groceries category. If you only used part of the cash withdrawal on groceries and some on let's say airtime, then I'd suggest splitting the transaction and assigning the portions to their correct categories.

    You can split transactions wherever you see them in 22seven by clicking on them. That'll open the transaction card. Hovering your cursor over the bar at the top allows you to split the transaction in up to five portions. That allows you to accurately track what you're spending your cash on :)

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  • This would be a great feature of the app - ability to track cash expenses.

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